Global Expat Pay
Global Expat Pay

Research proves that organisations with a global mindset are likely to be more profitable and successful. So, it’s no surprise Global Mobility operations are of growing importance in an international marketplace.

But, as the number of assignees, policy types and home-host locations grow, so does the complexity. It is increasingly becoming a data management function, with a greater volume and variety of data to interpret, more payments to make and costs reconcile.

However, through investment in the right solution, the operation can be simplified and futureproofed, with consolidation of processes, payments and data into one single source of truth.  By reimagining the mobility function and removing data roadblocks, organisations can benefit from improved business intelligence and smarter and faster decision making. Not to mention more efficient and accurate payment of assignees.

Global Expat Pay in partnership with Western Union Business Solutions

Global Expat Pay has developed a unique technology enabled Global Mobility data and payment service that helps organisations seamlessly manage this complexity. In conjunction with Western Union Business Solutions, a leading provider of cross-border business payments, the platform simplifies Global Mobility data management and payments by consolidating data from multiple vendors and systems into one platform.

As a trusted partner of Global Expat Pay, Western Union Business Solutions integrates via a secure application interface.  The Global Expat Pay digital solution schedules payments to assignees and other parties associated with the assignment based on the Global Mobility team’s requirements, with all payments accurately recorded and reported. Payments can be sent and received across 200 countries and territories in 130 currencies, with real-time exchange rate quotes and access to a secure global financial network to reduce intermediary fees.

This partnership presents a massive opportunity for organisations to reboot the siloed, inefficient Global Mobility model. By doing so, it makes them better placed to identify new opportunities and puts them in a stronger position to manage the risks and the rewards of Global Mobility operations.

You can find out more about the challenges faced by today’s Global Mobility operations and how to overcome them, in Global Expat Pay’s joint report with Western Unions Business Solutions – “Always understand the cost of global mobility. And expand your business around the world.” Download it here.

Alternatively, get in touch. We’d love to tell you how we’re making Global Mobility operations more efficient.

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