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Global Expat Pay

With errors in payroll leading to angry assignees and negative experiences, year-end activities being heavily costly and cost recharging leaving the business feeling the opposite of recharged, it can feel like tech becomes a hindrance rather than a help.  

 At Global Expat Pay, we believe that taking control of your data and automating administrative or operational tasks not only provides you with the foundations for your mobility programme, but also ensure you can spend time on what really matters for your business and assignees.  

 Our technology platform, which underpins our managed service delivery, is built to the highest security standards. It follows the OWASP top 10, with security controls that are aligned with ISO 27001. From a functional aspect, Global Expat Pay’s platform ensures users only see information specific to each individual user’s role or access.   

 Our system collects and manages mobility data, while automating key operational processes such as payroll reporting, tax compensation, collection and financial recharging.  We provide our customers with access to full and complete data for management and insight reporting. 

 One of the core operational processes Global Expat Pay supports is payroll.  As we collect and validate your data up front, we can drive your payroll in an automated way using business rules.  The payroll instruction, the end outcome of our service, is a rules-based outcome which reflects the agreed country withholding rules and the individual assignee’s specific situation.  

 The home and host payroll instructions are synchronised to ensure compliance and real-time credit is processed in both locations as close to real-time as possible.  

Our system gives you the ability to access data, download payroll instructions and load it into the payroll.  

 Global Expat Pay’s technology saves you time and has the technological intelligence to process data in any format your company provides, automating all data wrangling and removing all internal headaches.  

Our platform uses a technology management process pertaining to code mappings, which automates the input of data across all native formats. This means that the involvement of our customers in uploading data is significantly reduced.   

 Global Expat Pay’s local global code mapping allows payroll reporting to be directly processed into payroll systems to complete all payroll actions, such as gross-ups.  

 Not all tech implementations need to fail.  

 Whether you have existing assignment software or not, Global Expat Pay’s cutting-edge technology can metamorphosize your mobility program. We can help streamline and automate your mobility operations in only 8 to 12 weeks, saving you time and cost. To learn more and get started, contact us at