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Interested in what you could save?

Try our diagnostic tool

Global Mobility diagnostic tool

Interested in what you could save by simplifying your global mobility data and payments?

Our self-diagnostic tool can simulate the operational time and cost savings typically generated by integrating Global Expat Pay’s technology into your mobility program.

Section 1:

This section helps understand the scale of your Global Mobility programme

  • Assignees
  • Countries
  • Mobility Team

What is your active assignee volume?

Select one that applies

How many countries are your assignees based in?

Host countries

Home countries

What is the size of your current Global Mobility team?

Choose one option that best describes your situation

Section 2:

This section is to understand your current mobility landscape

  • Vendors
  • Technologies
  • Challenges

Which external vendors do you currently manage?

You may select more than one

What Global Mobility technology do you currently use?

Choose all that apply

What are your key mobility operational challenges?

Please rank your top 3 challenges in priority order

Category 1st 2nd 3rd
Managing vendors
Year end reporting
Shadow payroll
Payroll processing
Payment accuracy
Global compliance
Reliable vendor costs
Operational data
Accurate management reports

Section 3:

This section is to understand the efficiency of your mobility programme

  • Effort
  • Payments
  • Wishlist

What level of effort is involved for the process steps below?

Please select the level of effort for each category

Category Low Effort Medium Effort High Effort
Data provision for compliance reporting (payroll, year end filing and tax returns)
Managing assignee policy exceptions
Tracking total programme costs
Review and process vendor invoices
Budget to actual cost comparisons
Accurately run shadow payroll
Dealing with assignee questions

What level of effort is involved to make assignment related payments currently?

Please select the level of effort for each payment category

Category Low Effort Medium Effort High Effort
Urgent payments e.g. Rental deposits in host
Cash assignment allowances e.g. salary, COLA
Expense reimbursements e.g. assignee cash reimbursements
Year end payments e.g. tax settlements
Vendor invoices e.g. 3rd party services

What would YOU spend more time on if your current operational efforts were reduced?

Please select all that apply

Section 4:

Your summary

Your bespoke report containing potential cost savings, internal hours reduction and insight has been generated. Please provide your name and email address to unlock your savings potential!