Case Study
Global Expat Pay
Global Expat Pay

A Japanese multinational is driving a significant transformation of its Global Mobility function. A key element is the shift from multiple vendors to a single global vendor, starting with their vendors focussing on Tax, Social Security and Payroll. Global Expat Pay supported the overall design of the RFP process and directly supported each stage of the review to ensure that overall fit, capabilities, and cost were evaluated. As a result, a clear business case for change was formed with achievable cost savings identified and contracted.


Our customer is navigating a significant change of is entire Global Mobility function, which consists of multiple business units operating in over 50 countries.

This process involved the shift from multiple vendors to one global provider. The key objective was simplifying compliance, leveraging its global scale, and reducing overall support costs. Within this transformation it was vital to ensure that these aims were aligned to the client’s new global mobility technology implementation.

The objective was to demonstrate to the business that there was a clear service and financial case to selecting and migrating to one single global vendor from multiple vendors. The customer faced internal resource constraints and a lack of experience with global vendor evaluations and therefore needed external support to ensure the success of this project, and this is where we contributed.

The Global Expat Pay Team quickly demonstrated their experience and delivered significant value throughout our review. Head of Global Reward and Global Mobility

Global Expat Pay’s role

Global Expat Pay developed the overall approach of the RFP including the RFP objectives, the internal and external briefing documents, and a clear pricing grid. As the vendor consolidation started with tax, social security, and payroll the immediate goal was to ensure the RFP delivered a more efficient and globally consistent approach to tax support. It was also critical to be able to compare the overall approaches and demonstrate the cost saving opportunity verses current spend.

Throughout this process Global Expat Pay played a key role in actively managing the overall review to ensure that the process was success. As a result, Global Expat Pay supported this shift by drafting essential internal senior stakeholder briefings documents and completing the commercial analysis and required clarifications. The team’s ability to act as an extension of the customer team enabled resolution of the clarification points allowing short listing decisions to be made.

The team’s experience ensured that a side-by-side comparison of the responses to allow an objective decision to be made which balanced the service requirements and cost reduction and transparency. This included the use of data visualisation to allow the senior stakeholders to be comfortable that the desired savings target would be delivered.

Overall, Global Expat Pay assistance throughout the review ensured that the RFP commitments and commercial offer were translated into the final commercial contract.

Their ability to analyse and visualise the cost of the proposals helped us to make a clear business case for change. In addition, the Global Expat Pay team was able to supplement skill gaps we had in our global organization. I highly recommend Mike and the Global Expat Pay team. Head of Global Reward and Global Mobility

Value delivered

The Global Expat Pay team’s experience and pragmatic approach ensured that the customer outcomes were delivered. The final agreement has been translated into a clear contract so that the significant savings can be measured and delivered to the business. The overall cost reduction is more than 30% including over $3m of savings achieved through the commercial review. Most important, the business is aligned on the move to a global vendor, clearing the way for other planned global vendor RFP’s.

They also provided pragmatic advice during contracting to ensure that the outcome we desired was achieved whilst delivering the cost savings we required to obtain internal support for the change. Global Mobility Leader