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Global Expat Pay

Global Expat Pay, the data and payments management company, has been awarded ISO27001:2013 certification by the British Standards Institute (BSI).

ISO27001 is a globally recognised and accepted standard of information security. It defines the requirements an organisation must meet in order to establish a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS). ISO27001 consists of mandatory governance policies to assess and mitigate information security risk, and 144 security controls establishing processes to manage data securely.

To achieve certification, Global Expat Pay’s ISMS was validated by an independent auditor from the British Standards Institute (BSI). Undergoing rigorous scrutiny, Global Expat Pay had to demonstrate its ability to manage and protect customer data across its ISMS, Team, and wider business. The Global Expat Pay senior management team endorse the information security approach and are committed to resourcing and upholding security standards. This commitment is reflected in the way Global Expat Pay has been built from the beginning, and the values influencing the company today.

Global Expat Pay was “born in the cloud” and takes a security first approach to its managed services. From day one, Kelly Francis, Global Expat Pay CTO, has been committed to building and delivering robust technology. Beginning the ISO27001 security standards implementation process only 9 months ago, Global Expat Pay have completed this process in record time. Kelly comments: ‘ISO27001 is a natural fit to the Global Expat Pay approach to Information Security, as both hold security and quality as a core part of their values’.

The audit concluded on 19th June with the auditor recommending Global Expat Pay for certification. The audit report calls out Global Expat Pay’s innovative approach to technology security.

Mike Hibberd, Founder and CEO of Global Expat Pay said of the ISO27001 certification award:

"We’re thrilled to have received our ISO27001 certification. This commendation reflects the team’s commitment to ensuring customer information security, and its ability to consistently deliver just that. We hope this certification will fill our customers with additional confidence that we are dedicated to delivering them excellent service, all while keeping their data safe and secure." Mike Hibberd, Global Expat Pay

Kelly Francis added:

“I am incredibly proud of the achievement of the team. Gaining ISO27001 certification less than a year after our company was founded, demonstrates how serious we all are about information security.” Kelly Francis, Global Expat Pay