Global Expat Pay
Global Expat Pay

For organisations to grow and thrive in a global marketplace, investment in the relocation of talent to fill critical skills gaps, develop talent and enable overall business expansion is vital.

And for this to be successful, efficient and strategic Global Mobility operations are key.

But this isn’t always easy to achieve, with business processes – such as HR, compliance, payroll and tax – taking place in multiple jurisdictions, across multiple systems in a variety of currencies.

Typically, reliance is often placed on several vendors and specialists to deal with the complexity and ensure compliance. As a result, data is often inaccurate, siloed and shared through manual processes. With assignment data and payments dispersed, costs are higher and inefficiencies greater.

This is clearly a challenge faced by many organisations. Research from Air Inc. Workforce Organization’s 2019 Mobility Outlook Survey shows 69%1 of Global Mobility teams want to simplify Global Mobility administration.

And there is a way…

A single source of truth

Global Expat Pay has developed a unique and innovative technology-enabled managed service, that combines comprehensive data management and financial payments into one system.

Using a combination of smart technologies, mobility data management expertise and a leading global foreign exchange payment solution, it centralises payment and data management processes. It’s a one-stop solution for organisations that face challenges in fully managing the operation’s complexity.

Global Expat Pay can eliminate 15-20% of external vendor costs, while also generating actionable insights and industry-leading reporting that support the growth of the business. And it ensures the accurate and timely pay of assignees.

In a nutshell, here’s what it can provide:

platform benefits diagram

Businesses that can achieve this level of data and payment connectivity will inevitably stay one step ahead of the competition. Aggregation, integration and interrogation of Global Mobility data and payments will create a sound, future-proof Global Mobility operation that can strategically support the organisation.

You can learn more about how Global Expat Pay is simplifying Global Mobility operations in “How Global Expat Pay is simplifying Global Mobility Data and Payments.”

For more insight on the challenges faced by Global Mobility operations and current trends in the sector, read our report “Always understand the cost of global mobility and expand your business around the world.”

Alternatively, get in touch. We’d love to tell you how we’re making Global Mobility operations more efficient.

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1 Air Inc. Work Force Globilization “2019 Mobility Outlook Survey”