Mike Hibberd
Mike Hibberd

After 30 years in the Global Mobility sector, Mike Hibberd, Founder of Global Expat Pay, was all too familiar with the challenges faced by Global Mobility teams. A highly complex function, requiring a vast collection of business processes to take place in multiple jurisdictions and currencies, Global Mobility operations had over time become a costly and labour-intensive task.

Why are Global Mobility operations so complex?

Partly due to lack of investment.

While many other areas of business have been digitised, Global Mobility Operations has been left in the dark ages.  Failure to obtain investment is often the result of an inability to articulate the function’s need and the value the technology will add. Often exacerbated by the fact international assignees often only make up 1-2% of an organisation’s population.

But complexity is largely the root cause of the operation’s issues.

As Global Mobility has continued to grow in scale to meet the demands of an international market, mobility functions have become increasingly dependent on vendors and inefficient data sharing methods to support their operating model.  With vendors managing individual areas, the process becomes siloed, creating sub-sets of the overall programme data. This makes it challenging for the mobility function to manage, making it an inefficient and costly process.

Why Mike founded Global Expat Pay

Mike saw the need for a solution that would allow Global Mobility operations to be managed through one data and payment system. A single source of truth that would provide permanent operational cost savings, switch on actionable insights and improve the assignee experience.

So, he pulled together a team of Global Mobility experts and founded Global Expat Pay…

What is Global Expat Pay?

Global Expat Pay is a unique and innovative technology-enabled managed service, that combines comprehensive data management and financial payments into one system. By simplifying and combining the data and payment aspects of mobility, implementing Global Expat Pay can free up organisational resource to focus on driving business objectives and bringing down costs.

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